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Facial Contour Masque

Dramatically firms facial contour over time, smoothes fine surface lines - including crow's feet around eyes, Clears clogged pores in 1-3 applications. Reveals fresh new skin in minutes. Decongest sluggish skin to revive healthy color and tone. Helps dry blemishes fast.

Facial Contour Masque

The Miracle of Stem Cell Activation

The sensation of younger skin "CELL Actif Plus" -3 Phase youth Activating Treatment. Within MINUTES of this professional treatment your skin will begin an incredible transformation as your cells receive the prompts of youth they long for. It's recommended it for all skin types showing signs of aging. Post surgery,laser or other procedures. Aging,mature,menopausal skin. Mottled tone and color.Skin lacking firmness. Sun DAMAGE SKIN . Dull, tired, puffy, devitalized skin. Dehydrated, rough, flaking skin.Poorly defined lip line .

Redness Relief Treatment

-for Sensitive and stressed with Pustular Rosacea Targeted skin conditions :oily, stressed, Sensitive, Sun Damaged, Pustular Rosacea, Congested, Environmental Exposed, dull , sallow, lackluster.

4 Phase Exfoliating Treatment & Revitalizing Treatment

-for Acne-Prone Skin. Targeted Skin Conditions: Oily, Acne -Prone,Thick-skinned,Irritated,Congested,impacted pores,Severe breakouts.

Custom blend liquid mineral foundations

A professional line,very mild, no irritation on the skin, used on burned victim patients, it's a layer of protection, more preferable, tailored to all kinds of customers. The average foundation base sold in the market is approx. 6-7% pigmented, versus ours 11%. The higher the pigmentation the better is the quality. Excellent for rosacea customers also after laser procedures.